Repairing a machine, object, artefact, gadget, body or even a whatchamacallit is must from time to time. So repairing is an ideal option to regain the sumptuousness of your old, ragged sofas.

We have a dynamic team of specialists on call to be present at your ragged couches, pry skin, peeled covers etc.

As every material retaliate disparately to diverse environment or atmosphere so, it is must to have a proper knowledge to understand the exact reactions of the Sofa skin. Though, it better to handover your Chesterfield in the hand of Sofa clinic experts. Our experts can repair leather sofa better than any other service within least time taken. The Sofa repair coast is affordable and will be definitely satisfying. And we are eligible to repair every genus of Sofa, either it of lather, raxing, cotton, fibre, synthetics etc.

Sofa clinic’s sofa repair service include:

  • Performing an excellent repair of a leather sofa with taking care of delicate crinkles.
  • Raged, cast off, tattered and irresolute sofas can be twinged in a suitable manner which will yield out a fabulous outlook with a match to your interiors.   
  • Bring up the suspensions of the springs by fixing new attachments and by oiling the old.
  • Embedding right foam in your old and antique sofa to make you feel extra cozy.
  • Stretching of the loosened sealing and covering.
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