When talking about furniture, it gets older and loses its initial appearance. Only a little care by you, your leather sofa can prevent itself from defacing or looking ugly. A regular concern makes it pretty attractive over time. Do not use varnish or chemical product, just keep cleaning with a dry cloth.

As most of the things need a proper service within a suitable interval of time, in such a case, you should look for a sofa clinic to give your leather sofa reasonable favour.  Our professional sofa leather specialist works for its natural charm and roots out the risk of potential damage.  

Our employers provide satisfactory outcomes by using exact and proper polishes.

Sofa clinic’s sofa polishing service include:

  • Remove dust by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment or soft fabric cloth that does not possess the risk of scratches and brings wood finishing.
  • Polish your leather sofa to rekindle the robust finish and provides you freshly cleaned and polished furniture along with its natural patina.
  • Remove stains from the leather sofa by using a soft leather cleansing agent (saddle soap or wax-based leather cleaners) professionally and makes it look cool and gives birth to a new fragrance.
  • After cleaning, we use a quality of commercial leather conditioner to mitigate dryness of your leather sofa. Our sofa service makes your leather sofa soft and supple and preserves its natural owned natural oil.


To make your sofa more attractive that always welcomes your guest, sofa clinic furnishes a desired colour dye option for your leather sofa set. It cleans all the surface of your leather by covering all the cracks, seams and piping. We promise for zero regression and annoyance. Costumers satisfaction is our first priority.

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