Welcome to Sofa Clinic! We are furniture repair specialists.
Sofa Clinic is a start-up, fully focused on: providing quality Sofa Repair, Sofa Reupholstery and Cleaning Services to its customers. Our fascination with sofa repair and renovation initiated a year ago!

We started with an aim to provide good quality services to all our customers. Our primary ray of vision and initiative falls on refurbishing old furniture that will last for a lifetime. Our goal is to build a strong relationship with our customers and provide cost-efficient, effective and high-quality service.

With our services, you are assured to get the best quality materials within a budget.
Our careful guidance and expertise, adds a spark of renewed life to your old and dull sofas.

Sofa Reupholstery:

Just like most other things, sofas also have feelings. Do you think it is fair to throw them away when they are old? No, right?

We at Sofa Clinic, believe that your old sofa has what it takes to be the best again. Sofa repair has its own set of astounding benefits. When you are reupholstering your old sofa, you already know its  shortcomings which will aid you in transforming it into one of the most powerful pieces of furniture that will give you ultimate comfort. Sofa Refurbishment  awards you with the liberty of customising your sofa.

Cleaning Service Provider:

To be honest, repairing a sofa can  be a really painful job. You need someone professional to guide you. One of the most commonly asked questions is “Where can I get my sofa repaired at a reasonable rate?”. Even in a metro city, it is very difficult to find someone trustworthy who will do the work effectively and efficiently. It can be a nightmare if you can’t communicate with your carpenters.

An added barrier is transportation. We aim at eliminating all these shortcomings, and focus on providing a tension free service to our customers.

Are you looking to replace / repair/ upgrade your Sofa ?

Consult with our sofa specialist to discuss about your needs



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